Landslide mapping and monitoring by using radar and optical remote sensing: examples from the EC-FP7 project SAFER

Authors: N. Casagli, F. Cigna, S. Bianchini, D. Hölbling, P. Füreder, G. Righini, S. Del Conte, B. Friedl, S. Schneiderbauer, C. Iasio, J. Vlcko, V. Greif, H. Proske, K. Granica, S. Falco, S. Lozzi, O. Mora, A. Arnaudk, F. Novali, M. Bianchi

Source: Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, doi 10.1016/j.rsase.2016.07.001

Year: 2016

Language: English

Applications: Geo Hazards

Earth Observation Data for Rapid Risk Analysis with the RASOR Platform

Authors: F. Koudogbo, R. Rudari, E. Trasforini, Lauro Rossi, A. Eddy, H. Yésou, J. Beckers, F. Dell'acqua, M. Huber, A. Roth

Source: Proceedings of the IGARS Symposium 2015, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, Milan, (Italy)

Year: 2015

Language: English

Applications: Civil Engineering, Geo Hazards