Subsidence and flooding in New Orleans

Authors: T. H. Dixon, F. Amelung, A. Ferretti, F. Novali, F. Rocca, R. Dokkas, G. Sella, S. W. Kim, S. Wdowinski, D. Whitman

Source: Nature, Vol 441, June 2006; Pages 587-588

Year: 2006

Language: English

Applications: Civil Engineering, Geo Hazards

Monitoring the surface deformation of Mt. Etna with ERS-SAR images

Authors: A. Ferretti, D. Colombo, G. Savio, F. Rocca

Source: Quaderni di geofisica n. 43, 2006; pages 24-29. Proceedings of the NGV Project Meeting. Development and application of remote sensing methods for the monitoring of active Italian volcanoes.

Year: 2006

Language: English

Applications: Geo Hazards

Urban DEM

Authors: D. Perissin, F. Rocca

Source: FRINGE 2005, 28 November - 2 December 2005, Frascati, Italia. Pages 1-6

Year: 2005

Language: English

Applications: Technique