TRE ALTAMIRA’s co-seismic interferogram of the latest Italian earthquake

Milan, 9 November 2016. TRE ALTAMIRA continues the analysis of the satellite data acquired over the Central Italy areas struck by a devastating seismic swarm, which has started last August.

Using radar images acquired by the Sentinel-1 satellites before and after the 30 October event, TRE ALTAMIRA has generated a co-seismic interferogram showing the deformation of the terrain induced by the quake.

Interferogram_30 Oct 2016
Our results are consistent with those already published by the team of scientists from the Italian Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment, of the National Research Council, and the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology that have highlighted more than 70 cm of deformation in the epicentral area.

TRE ALTAMIRA’s engineers are still working on the pre-seismic datasets, looking for any precursory motion or signal (e.g. an acceleration) affecting the area before August 2016.