Successful course on “SAR Technology for Mine Planning and Safety Management” in India

Milan, 17 February 2017. TRE ALTAMIRA and IDS GeoRadar were invited to present SAR applications for the mining sector within the Course on “SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR (SAR) TECHNOLOGY FOR MINE PLANNING AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT” at the Department of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India, 7-10 February 2017.

Around 40 geotechnical engineers, mainly from Coal India, a national mine company, attended the four-day course. In addition to a plenty of lectures led by Indian professors, Davide Colombo, from TRE ALTAMIRA, and Giovanni Funaioli, from IDS GeoRadar, presented an integrated satellite and ground-based radar monitoring service and showed test cases over some renowned mine sites.

RADAR technology has recently established itself as an effective tool for monitoring mining and geological criticalities. Slope failures in large surface mines have caused major disasters and economic damages worldwide. As a consequence long-term slope monitoring in the surface mining industry is an essential safety-requirement and indispensable for reliable geotechnical risks management.


The workshop class at the Department of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India, 7-10 February 2017.

TRE ALTAMIRA, a CLS group company, has developed and is using its advanced radar satellite technologies. Deformation rates from millimetres to metres are measured with high-resolution radar images collected by satellites eliminating the need for the installation of ground equipment. Satellites offers a time saving and cost effective solution for mapping ground displacement over wide and even remote areas.

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