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An overall approach to displacement monitoring over mine sites

TRE ALTAMIRA, IDS Georadar and the local company PDSA will be hosting a 2-day workshop in Accra (Ghana) next March. Technology experts from the three companies will be presenting innovations in satellite, radar, prism and other geotechnical monitoring techniques.



InSAR nationwide monitoring: the Italian case

TRE ALTAMIRA together with E-geos have processed thousands of SAR images to cover the entire Italian territory within the framework of the PST project (Piano Straordinario di Telerilevamento), which went live in 2008, years prior to the launch of Sentinel-1 satellites.


Gold Award for the City of Dax in the presence of Jacques Mézard, French Minister for territorial cohesion. Anne Urdiroz, from TRE ALTAMIRA, along with representatives of the City of Dax and Gilles Rabin, Director of Innovation, Science and Applications, explains the benefits of satellite technology for urban management.

Territoria GOLD Award for the City of Dax

The City of Dax has been awarded the Prize Territoria GOLD, “Prevention” category, for the project conducted using TRE ALTAMIRA’s satellite technology for urban management.


spatial analysis with Sentinel data

Space meets the agriculture sector – the SEOM Project

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Project SEOM COMMONS for Land Cover Change Detection and Monitoring Methodologies Based on the Combined Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 for Natural Resources and Hazard Management.