InSAR for environmental assessment in the Oil & Gas industry

Efforts are being steadily made by the governments and companies in the oil and gas sector to develop improved methods that enable environmental protection during the lifecycle of oil and gas activities.

Oil and Gas activities can cause changes to the Earth’s surface. Measuring and monitoring these changes with satellite technology contributes to the safety of operations as well as to the optimisation of production strategies.

At TRE ALTAMIRA, we are the industry leader in measuring ground motion that affects oil and gas operations. With over 15 years of successful projects, we help our clients mitigate risk and meet the regulatory HSE requirements.

Our InSAR based displacement maps are a vital tool in support of injection activities, reservoir management, regulatory and lease boundary compliance and field analysis.

InSAR analysis_oil&gas

Example of measurement of subsurface deformation in Kazakhstan
Satellite imagery: RADARSAT, Analysis period: 06/2004 – 05/2007, Background image: Bing maps.

This week we are in Moscow at the IV International Conference “World Gas Resources and Reserves and Advanced Development Technologies” hosted by Gazprom Vniigaz. Join our talk on 10th November where we will present why radar satellite technology is increasingly applied worldwide for the monitoring of Oil and Gas activities.

Learn more about the main advantages of our InSAR studies for the oil and gas operations.