Earth Observation Summit 2017



For several years TRE ALTAMIRA has collaborated with the CSA to advance InSAR applications. At the EO Summit we will be presenting the results of two CSA-funded projects. Join us in Montreal, Canada to hear more about our recent progress.

Giacomo Falorni will be presenting “High frequency InSAR processing for continuously updated ground deformation measurements

Date: Wednesday, June 21
Time: 11:00 – 11:20
Session: OS-4D – InSAR applied to Geohazards
Chair: Vern Singhroy
Venue: SH-3620

The presentation will discuss the ongoing two-year study that is being conducted with the support of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to advance the use of InSAR for use in the warning phase of the risk management cycle, rather than as a forensic tool to investigate precursor movement only after a collapse has occurred. Advanced data analysis now allows us to sift through millions of data points to rapidly identify only those where the ground movement behavior has changed. The results can be delivered and integrated into the platforms used by federal and provincial government agencies, emergency management organizations and mine managers.

Jean-Pascal Iannacone will be presenting “Using C-and X-band SAR data to characterize and remove the soil moisture contribution to InSAR measurements

Date: Thursday June 22
Time: 11:00 – 11:20
Session: OS-8B – CSA-DLR Collaboration: C & X Band Data Synergies #2
Chair: Achim Roth, Yann Denis
Venue SH-R810

image-soil-moisture-_-tre-al_50This session is the first part of a joint presentation with our German partner SBI within a CSA-DLR collaborative project. We investigate the impact of soil moisture content on different radar wavelengths by analyzing C-and X-band data and exploiting both the phase and amplitude content of SAR images and then comparing the results with in-situ soil moisture measurements. Several sites were investigated in different parts of the world, including Canada, Germany and the US.